Mica Special Band Heaters


Mica Special Band heaters are efficient and economical solutions to the heating requirements of many applications. Mica Special Band heaters can attain a maximum sheath temperature of 900°F, but with different electrical termination styles, clamping mechanisms, and ability to accommodate holes and cutouts, mica special band heaters are successfully used in many applications, but are mostly sought for in the plastics industry.

The Mica Special Band Heaters made by Vikas utilizes different types of Top Grade Mica. The thickness of each mica layer is carefully selected in order to balance between the insulating characteristics of mica and the ease of heat transfer from the heating core to the machine barrel.


The resistance wire ribbon used in the mica special band heater is not restricted to the capabilities of Nichrome wire. Different alloys are considered for different applications. The internal winding is carefully designed to ensure uniform heat distribution throughout the band heater. To maximize the surface-to-surface contact, our mica band heaters are carefully rounded and formed to optimize the grip on a machine barrel. The external metallic protective sheath of Anupam’s Mica special band heaters is made of a special alloy, which expands less than the barrel when heated. This difference in thermal expansion makes the heater grip the barrel firmly once it is energized. This improves heat transfer which extends the life of the mica band heater.