Bobbin Heater


Ceramic bobbin heaters are a unique steatite heating element that can be installed freely for direct heating of air. In the manufacturing of bobbin heaters we use ceramic segments that we build together to desired length. The segments have recesses where we place open heating coils. Through this design the heating coils will be protected from contact with the chassis and will retain good electrical insulation.

Vikas ceramic bobbin heaters are also used for indirect heating of liquids, air and gases stuck into radiation tubes. These tubes are placed into the medium and the bobbin heater into the tube. The ceramic heater can now easily be changed without emptying or opening the tank. The tubes are provided with flange or thread for easy mounting and also with built in sensors, thermostats or limiters in custom connection boxes.

Examples of applications are hot air ovens, industrial baths and tanks, oil heaters, air heaters and boilers. Our ceramic bobbin heaters are available in both cylindrical and rectangular designs.